The financial community recognised HOLD Asset Management’s services with numerous awards. Our flagship fund (Concorde 2000) recently celebrated its 18th anniversary and was chosen as the best fund on a ten-year horizon in the Hungarian Fund Industry.
The Euromoney Private Banking Survey („Award for Excellence”) chose HOLD as the best equity, best fixed income and best absolute return portfolio manager in Hungary.

There were only four times when „Asset Manager of the Year” elections were held in Hungary. Three times CAM won the prize. The last time in 2014, a leading Hungarian online press company ( organized “Klasszis Award Ceremony”, where HOLD was awarded as the best asset manager in Hungary.
Before that in 2006, MasterCard conducted a survey with six-hundred multinational companies of the asset management industry in Hungary. Based on the results of this survey, HOLD was awarded best asset manager title for the year.
Finally in 2001, the Association of Hungarian Investment Fund and Asset Management Companies (BAMOSZ) awarded HOLD with the prize „Asset manager of the year”

HOLD has been participating for six years now in the Euromoney Private Banking Survey („Award for Excellence”). In every single year we received several awards.

We were chosen as

  • the best in equity,
  • the best in fixed income and;
  • the best in absolute return portfolio management in our country.

Our Private Wealth Management (PWM) and family office services were also recognised with several awards. BAMOSZ and the market leader among online economic newspapers ( in Hungary organized a joint celebration for the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Hungarian mutual fund industry. At this event, out of the several hundred funds regulated in Hungary, our flagship Fund (Concorde 2000) won the prize as „the best performing fund on a 10-year horizon”.  At this same event, HOLD Asset Management’s portfolio manager-partner, László Szabó, co-founder of HOLD, was elected as the most significant person in the Hungarian Mutual Fund industry over the last 10 years.