Independence is fundamental to our ability to operate in accordance with “best practices”. HOLD Asset Management (former Concorde Asset Management) is not affiliated with any bank, insurance company or other financial institution; we are an entirely independent company that primarily focuses on portfolio management.

As independent managers, we are more flexible and nimble than bank- or insurance-owned companies. This means that we have a very short chain of command and fast decision-making process, which allows us to meet changing market conditions and investor needs as quickly and effectively as possible, while maintaining stability and reliability in our business operations. Being independent also ensures that our interests are fully aligned with our clients’ long-term interests as our ability to retain clients is tightly linked to how we perform.

We want to make sure that our clients understand where and why they invest their money and how much they can expect in terms of costs and returns. In order to meet this high level of transparency, we regularly provide our investors with customized reports in which we share our investment decisions and thoughts about the markets.

From independence it also follows that our operations are highly cost-effective: unlike financial holding companies, we can be very selective about the distributors we work with, and as a result, we have a more diversified distribution channel.