At HOLD Asset Management we recognise that the most important component in the asset management business is human capital. By creating an intellectually stimulating environment that is accommodating to individual styles HOLD has attracted, and continues to attract, individuals that are prepared to take on a challenge, strive to improve and are responsible for their actions – even when this is tough. To foster this attitude HOLD Asset Management operates in a partnership structure. Individual ownership helps maintain commitment and constant improvement. It also allows us to attach a higher value to long-term performance and the conscientious management of risk both at business and at portfolio level. The partnership structure also keeps HOLD Asset Management focused on considering the human component, which has underpinned its success to date.

The owners and senior management of the company are individuals who have been involved in the founding of HOLD Asset Management or have joined at the early stages of its development. All 16 portfolio managers have been carefully selected and internally trained over the course of several years.