Being a workshop is very much in the DNA of HOLD Asset Management. Indeed what is now an asset manager in its own right grew out of an analyst’s idea in 1994 at Concorde Securities brokerage1 ; when an analyst – now HOLD Asset Management’s chairman – famously proclaimed “if we are so sure of our [investment] ideas why don’t we stick some money behind it”; and so HOLD Asset Management was born. The ethos of employee investing alongside client assets still continues and is welcomed by HOLD, although clearly any potential conflicts are very carefully monitored and managed.

The initially fundamental only approach had been expanded in 2005 by a strong technical leg, when HOLD joined forces with the VM and VM team as external partners. This was possible because HOLD Asset Management is style agnostic. We believe that, followed consistently, there may be more than one successful strategy. In fact finding the investment style that fits the personality and psychological make-up of the portfolio manager is a prerequisite to long term success. This is why we remain open about the approach we and our partners take; so long these demonstrate high integrity both professionally and morally. Our operation in this multi-strategy framework keeps people and ideas fresh and true to our initial passions to create a stimulating intellectual environment focused on long term results.

1HOLD Asset Management (former Concorde Asset Management) is now an independent company and not part of Concorde Securities.